"Every Author as First Author" Web API.

What is this?

"Every Author as First Author" is a humorous talk/paper by describing a
new standard for writing author names on papers and in bibliographies, which places every author as a first author — superimposed.

Ok but what is this site though

This (unaffiliated!) site allows you to easily generate every-author-as-first-author (EAAFA) images that you can embed into web pages.

Show, don't tell

enter some author names:

be amazed:

What if I want to do that?

Generate a URL that follows this structure:


i.e. url encode author names, and separate them using commas

Then, include this URL in an <img> tag. I strongly recommend adding a style="height:20px; width: 100px; vertical-align: middle" attribute to the <img> tag to make sure the image is sized correctly and doesn't mess up your page layout. The width value (100px above) will depend on the longest author name (and how wide the name is i.e. if it contains a lot of "m"s...) It's roughly 8 * (longest name length). You can always adjust.

You might also want to add a title attribute to the <img> tag to make sure the author names are visible when hovering over the image and to make them somewhat less not-accessible.

Who / Huh

I am entirely not affiliated with the authors of the original (amazing) talk & paper. I'd love to be their friend but I'm not sure they'd want that (it's ok).

This was made while I was at Recurse Center. View the source code. I've made other things too.